The region Finmark is situated far North in Norway behind the Northern Polar Circle. The administrative centre is located in Vadsø. Other major towns in this area are: Alta, Hammerfest, Honningsvåg, Kirkenes and Vardø.

On the are of 48 637 square metres live approximately 73 000 inhabitants. The main economic activities are fishery, fish farms, tourism, reindeer farms and mining.
The local nature is wild, various and beautiful. From a boisterous sea and rough coast to silent endless plateau - Finmark offers unique experience on your trip to Norway. This area will satisfy both those, who seek active holidays, and those, who simply want to relax in the nature, far from the rush and noise of a city.

Thanks to the Golf stream, the winters are on the coast of Finmark pretty mild and the water in the bays does not freeze. Further from the coast, at the border with Finland, the winters can be very cold (-30 C) and the summers warm and dry.


Place Midnight Sun Polar Night
Nordkapp 11th May - 31st July 18th Nov. - 23rd Jan.
Hammerfest 13th May - 29th July 21st Nov. - 21st Jan.
Vardø 14th May - 28th July 21st Nov. - 20th Jan.
Alta 16th May - 26th July 23rd Nov. - 18th Jan.


What to do in Finmark

  • fishing: sea fishing is free of charge, season all year; fishing in lakes and rivers requires a fishing licence, which can be bought on place;
  • hiking: the locality is suitable both for short and for long walks, there are 2 national parks in Finmark, good clothes are necessary (the weather can change quickly), season all year;
  • hunting: of elks and small animals, a copy of a hunting licence and payment of the hunting fee in Norway is needed;
  • cycling: it is forbidden to use the tunnels, therefore you have to use other roads or use a bus transport through the tunnel, season May-October;
  • diving: the area has deep fjords and plentiful bays, many come to the Eastern part to observe the King Crabs, season all year;
  • skiing: the locality is suitable for cross-country skiing, season December-April;
  • snowmobile safari: the plateau covered by snow is ideal for trying the acceleration and speed of the snowmobiles and enjoying the winter landscape, season December-April;
  • Northern Lights: Finmark is one of the best places in the world to observe Northern Lights, visible from October to March;
  • Ice Hotel and Church: 15 km from the town Alta, the only ice hotel in Norway, living in the hotel or just a guided tour you will be an unforgettable experience for you, season middle of January - April;
  • dog sledge: try the original transport mean of Sámi! You will get warm clothes on place, season December - April;
  • golf: 3 golf courses in the area, season May-October.

How to come to Finmark

Plane - from Oslo by SAS Braathens to Alta airport. There are several departures every day.

Boat - the Coastal Steamer starts in Bergen, goes via Ålesund, Trondheim and Bodø. In Finmark it stops for example in: Hammerfest, Honningsvåg, Vardø, Vadsø and Kirkenes. The trip from Bergen to Kirkenes takes 5,5 days (several breaks on the way for 1-4 hours)

Car - if you are planning to drive to Finmark from the Southern Norway, make sure that you have plenty of time! The distance between Bergen and Kirkenes is approximately 2700 km and you should not expect to drive faster than 70 km/h!



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